Bedtime Media Player

A bedtime story

BTMP gives you the facility to listen to what you like before you go to bed on the app of your choice, the app then checks on you from time to time to see if you slept or not. It pauses what's playing and wait for you to tell it to resume if you are still awake. If you make any sound loud enough to be detected by the app, it will resume what was playing and then check again after a while. If no sound is detected, the app will automatically stop what's being played and close.

Features and notes

It has two main features:

  1. You will not lose track of what you were listening after you go to sleep, this is especially beneficial if you like to listen to audiobooks or podcasts and don't want to miss any of it and forget where you stopped the night before

  2. The app will stop whatever is playing when you go to sleep and then close, saving battery and making sure there is no more sound playing while you are asleep

Note 1: The app needs to stay on foreground while it is working, locking the phone or moving to another app will stop the process

Note 2: While the app is open the screen will not lock, but once you are asleep, the app closes automatically and the phone will lock normally after.

How to use

  • Put your phone at the usual place you use when you go to bed.

  • Play some media (music, audiobook, podcast, etc...) then switch back to this app and press start.

  • Keep the app open and go to bed.

  • In 30 seconds the media will stop (the time can be changed later from settings)

  • Now make a sound (eg: a clap, a shout, a cough...)

  • If the sound is loud enough the media will resume.

  • If not, open the settings page, adjust the Listening Sensitivity setting and try again.

  • Note that the higher the "Listening Sensitivity" the louder you need to be when making a sound.

  • Finally, when the media is paused and no sound is detected, it will stop the media and close.

App Settings

There are three settings in this app:

  1. Listening Frequency: determines the how often the app pauses the currently playing media and checks if you are asleep or not yet

  2. Listening Duration: determines how long does the app waits for a sound from you each time it pauses the currently playing media

  3. Listening Sensitivity: determines how sensitive the app will be when detecting a sound from you, the higher the slider the louder you need to be